Watching - Julien Saudubray


It’s with immense gratitude that we may announce Julien Saudubray’s first book.

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with contributions by Claire Leblanc (director Musée d'Ixelles), and Louma Salamé (director Boghossian Foundation - villa Empain)

‘(…)Julien Saudubray’s works are the visible traces of a fruitful repetitive gesture: “I repeat this gesture until something comes out of it, until the painting, so to speak, begins to do the painting”, he explains.
From this continuous and iterative process, Julien has produced a dense and prolific body of work in which each element is a vital and imperious pulse. The current monograph allows us to measure its maturity as well as its scope, while presaging the rich continuation of an unconditional quest: that of striking the right balance between abandoning oneself to painting and – with some humility and talent – tirelessly striving to tame it.’ (Excerpt of text by Claire Leblanc, director Musée d’Ixelles - Museum van Elsene)

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